Tide Dry Cleaners – Starbucks Coffee


Creekside West Inc.

Services Provided

Pre Development- Site Planning, Cost Estimating, Project Scheduling, Master Infrastructure Design

Design & Permitting- Permitting, Earthwork, Paving & Grading, Drainage, Potable Water, Fire Protection, Irrigation, Sanitary Sewer

Construction Services- Site Observation, Certifications, Shop Drawing Review

Project Description

A brand new combination Tide Dry Cleaners and Starbucks Coffee is to be located on the 4099 Tamiami Trail Building complex site. The project and permit area contains an existing four story bank, office building, a park area, and a system of storm water inlets and piping that connects to the existing Old Trail Boulevard storm water management system. The project poses a renovation to the existing commercial and authorization to construct a storm water management system. The construction consists of modifications to the parking layout, the addition of an approximately 6,300 sf commercial building, and construction of a storm water management system.