Maple Ridge Phase 4


CC Ave Maria LLC

Services Provided

Pre Development- Site Planning, Cost Estimating, Project Scheduling, Due Diligence & Feasibility Studies, Master Infrastructure

Design & Permitting- Permitting, Earthwork, Paving & Grading, Drainage, Potable Water, Fire Protection, Irrigation, Sanitary & Sewer

Construction Services- Site Observation, Certifications, Shop Drawing Review

Project Description

Maple Ridge, one of Ave Maria’s most popular single-family neighborhoods featuring lake and preserve view home sites, gently curving roads and cul-de-sacs, and a welcoming grand entry, is now selling and building in Phase 4. Working in conjunction with the land developer and the home builder, CC Homes- a Codina-Carr Company, Peninsula Engineering continues its work in the community with responsibilities including site planning, master infrastructure design to permitting, and construction services. Peninsula also manages permitting, earthwork, paving & grading, drainage, potable H20, irrigation, sanitary sewer and construction services.