Creekside Corners
Creekside Coreners


Creekside East Inc.

Services Provided

Pre Development- Site planning, Cost Estimating, and Project Scheduling

Design & Permitting- Permitting, Earthwork, Paving & Grading, Drainage, Potable Water, Fire Protection, Irrigation, Sanitary & Sewer, Landscape

Construction Services- Site Observation, Certifications, Utility Conveyance, Shop Drawing Review

Project Description

Peninsula Engineering worked with land developer from pre development through construction for the new Creekside Corners, a 35,000-square-foot retail center on the highly visible corner of Immokalee Road and Goodlette-Frank Road. The brand-new center will house restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating, retail, commercial services, and a drive-thru providing daily conveniences to those residents living and working in North Naples.