Coquina at Maple Ridge

Services Provided

Pre Development- Site Planning, Cost Estimating, Project Scheduling, Due Diligence & Feasibility Studies

Design & Permitting- Permitting, Earthwork, Paving & Grading, Drainage, Potable Water, Fire Protection, Irrigation, Sanitary & Sewer

Construction Services- Site Observation, Certifications, Shop Drawing Review

Post Construction Services- Existing Infrastructure Evaluations, Permitting Compliance

Project Description

Peninsula Engineering coordinated both with land developer and with CC Homes-a Codina-Carr Company, the largest builder-developers in Florida to create a spectacular, affordable community for families who desire great schools and a luxurious lifestyle. Peninsula Engineering is responsible for various tasks from site planning, project scheduling, due diligence & feasibility studies to design and permitting in earthwork, paving & grading, drainage, potable water, fire protection, irrigation and sanitary sewer. Peninsula also managed construction services such as site observations, certifications and shop drawing review.