Maple Ridge Amenity Center


CC Ave Maria LLC

Services Provided

Pre Development- Site Planning, Cost Estimating, Master Infrastructure Design

Design & Permitting- Permitting, Earthwork, Paving & Grading, Drainage, Potable Water, Fire Protection, Irrigation, Sanitary Sewer

Construction Services- Site Observation, Certifications, Utility Conveyance, Shop Drawing Review

Project Description

Exclusive to residents of Maple Ridge in Ave Maria, the 12,000 square-foot Maple Ridge Amenity Center will showcase Santa-Barbara inspired architecture combining indoor/outdoor activities and relaxation. The main clubhouse feature many separate rooms for specific uses and amenities will include tennis, bocce, pickle ball courts, basketball court, swimming pools, and dog park as proposed by the architectural plans. The Amenity Center will connect Phase 4 of the Maple Ridge residential neighborhood with future residential tracts. All amenities are approximately scheduled to be complete by the end of Maple Ridge Phase 4.